February 23, 2023 •

Hello, kind person,

I am a software developer with over a decade of experience. I love technology and innovation. My passion is software development and business. I use my skills and experience to develop excellent software to solve people's needs.

I own a small business and serve as the team lead. We develop software and create written content to improve the lives of our customers and the population at large. I give everything to this team and its team members. I strive to help them grow as best as I can. They then nurture our organization.

Software House

We provide software consultancy as an exclusive service. I have done software consultancy for several years and have built a software house within my business. We develop software for clients per their specifications, prioritizing its quality. We offer thorough testing services for your developed software. We have qualified software testers in our team for such external services.

We are qualified to develop a wide range of software, from simple to complex. We maintain high levels of quality in every project we undertake. We will build everything you need, test it to meet quality standards, and offer intellectual consultancy for your in-house development. My team and I are ready to serve you and give you the software you desire. Contact us by filling out our contact form.


Our portfolio showcases the range of our abilities and the quality of our work. These are just small snippets of the services and quality you receive from us.


Manage Projects Better. Goleko is our project management tool designed to help you manage projects better. It is built for the people and by the people. Goleko has features the community has been asking for and didn’t know they needed. Goleko is ready to transform what we know of project management tools and change the landscape for the better.

Goleko boasts a time-tracking app that tracks time for work done and allows for smooth billing, a screen-recording as comments feature for video recording and video feedback, a smart board that showcases all tasks being done with a simple click, and an activities tab that showcases a complete timeline of all events and uploads done.


Free Video Feedback hassle-free. VideoFeedbackr is a free-to-use video recording software that handles your needs. It's easy to use and plays to many's needs for video recording software.

VideoFeedbackr boasts privacy awareness protecting your videos, easy and quick downloads, quick play of the videos, and no apps or subscriptions to use the software.


Send secrets securely. Duckist is a protective message-sending software. It allows users to send secrets instantly and securely without the risk of leaks, hacks, or phishing.

Duckist boasts protected messaging, simplicity, and intellectual protection.


Make Impactful Documents in Seconds. ElegantDoc is a document creation software. It allows users to create impactful and excellent documents with creative freedom.

ElegantDoc boasts ease of use, creative freedom, and the creation of quality documents.

Testing Helper

You Build, We Test. Testing Helper helps businesses test their software. Testing Helper offers testing services for the amount of time you need. You get assigned a technical manager and tester to execute regular testing. You get a detailed testing plan and clear communication via a good project management tool like Goleko. Testing Helper is here to help you create software that works as expected without any issues.