AI in project management

May 03, 2024 •

AI is here to stay. AI is making waves in multiple sectors worldwide, and project management stands to benefit the most. These are some ideas I have on how to use AI in my project management tool. 

Chatting with the Organization

AI-powered support. We can use artificial intelligence to enhance the workflow and ease the workload people have in the company. It can act as your organizational representative, ensuring projects are prioritized and delivered as required. It can assist a team member's project or give insight into a challenging project. It will automate reviews, feedback, and correction of tasks in project management. Anything that enhances efficiency is a welcome addition, and AI inclusion can influence the future of project management. 

I lead a remote team with different people working in different time zones. We're a strong and cohesive team that works well together, but we don't have every aspect of communication shored up. An artificial intelligence helper can help bridge this gap between our team members. It can handle duties like checking the progress of tasks or giving directions for the project. It can take our collaboration to new heights and help our daily operations. I have incorporated such a tool into our notification system on Telegram. It notifies everyone in the team of task completions and completed activities. It's not as sophisticated as the one we want, but it shows what AI-powered support can help us achieve.  

Direct Task Interactions

Open-Ai is the best example of this. ChatGPT has revolutionized how we perform our daily activities. It is an AI tool that aids many people. You can "train" your ChatGPT to be well-equipped to serve your goals and needs. We're exploring this process with AI-assisted task interactions. We can create an AI tool that improves response time and decision-making. It can efficiently optimize the deliverables of a project. It will proactively help you fulfill your task and ensure fewer errors. 

The AI tool would be specific to a particular task or project. It would make it robust and complementary to your work. A good example is having a keyword-generating and abstract-creating AI tool for our content creation tool. You type in an article heading, and it searches for the appropriate keywords and article structure. It gives you an abstract for guidance. Software like Neuronwriter has implemented an AI tool to insert keywords into your work. The AI tool can develop code. It would optimize the development process and help everyone get more done. The possibilities are endless, with several ways to use it. 

Siri-like Project Management Assistant

Siri is one of the most famous AI in the world today. Apple's AI assistant helps you manage daily activities like remembering vital events, booking your calendar, searching for restaurants, and anything you fancy. It is a voice-prompted AI assistant that complements you and your lifestyle. Such a concept can be used for project management. 

We can add a Siri-like assistant to project management tools to help improve productivity. It would help you track work hours, schedule meetings set deadlines, research project aspects, analyze analytic data, and predict trends for your project. You can use it for marketing purposes and even to help you in tech development. A good example is having an AI assistant for projects on your project management tool. I have designed a project management tool to help us manage our projects better. We have separated the projects into the development section and the content section. We can formulate an AI assistant that solely helps the development side and another that solely serves the content team.

The AI assistant will give detailed suggestions, insight, and solutions to help you adjust your criterion. An AI assistant can help you efficiently handle repetitive tasks and many projects. We should embrace AI assistants to help our projects work.   

Clarifying Task Descriptions

Task descriptions are subject to different interpretations. I have seen this in my team, and it can be overwhelming. We can use AI to accentuate how we interpret task descriptions. We can use a dedicated AI to explain task descriptions and give examples to clarify them. The AI interprets the task and guides you on the right path. We can add this as a tool on platforms or project management tools. Users can search the description and get a detailed explanation about it. 

It will give you the capability to do your work as required. You don't need to struggle as hard with complex descriptions. The AI will offer the information you need and offer the transparency you need. It will help improve your standing in the digital space and your team's output. Clear task descriptions equal efficient output, and AI is a key component to achieve. 

Making Pictures and Videos searchable

Reverse searching is simplified. The use case scenarios are endless, but I'll keep it specific for project management. We can implement AI to perform reverse searches on images to create content. The AI can reverse-search the images, list their details, and give context. It will help sectors like content creation in written and video. The AI will work well as an assistant and help in content creation. 

We can implement this part as an AI in project management tools. It can function similarly to ChatGPT and get images and content as needed. You can make this easy for chatting to make every image search possible. It can save us a lot and allow us to focus on delivering great products. 

Record Project Meetings and Transcriptions

Meetings are crucial in every organization. Zoom has implemented AI-generated transcripts for their meetings. It is one of the few advantages of the AI. We can implement the AI to do more for meetings. We can have them record the meetings, generate transcripts, and record minutes. We can take this further and have the AI send recordings of videos, transcripts, and audio. Meetings are vital for the success of any team.

It can help us get more done, ensuring we keep our focus on vital aspects of the business. It can be put down to the AI functioning as an assistant, which is another plus. 

AI Project Management Tools

Integrating AI into systems offers benefits that weren’t there before. AI will improve how we communicate, handle tasks, and execute tasks. They will streamline the processes and allow achieving more than first conceived.  These are some ideas of how I intend to use AI in my project management tool, Goleko. The goal is to help people and their organizations manage their projects easily, and AI can be an integral part of it.