Goleko vs other project management tools [Listicles]

April 01, 2024 •


Project management tools offer numerous advantages and simplify your work process. Choosing the right one is vital. Comparing the most popular one to the new rising star will demonstrate this.


Trello became synonymous with project management tools. It stepped in to fill an unoccupied position and thrived in the process. The Fog Creek Software development rose in popularity and stature, attracting many users worldwide. It was a beautiful product that was ahead of its time. This attracted buyers, and thus Trello was acquired by Atlassian.

Trello stagnated in some respects and regressed in others under Atlassian. They added bloated features that made Trello susceptible to failures and highly unstable, worsening its user experience (UX) and functionality. Trello users have been left to ponder and complain in community forums.

The available alternatives to Trello weren’t any better. Switching to them would’ve been a sideways move at best. This was the case until recently. Here is a new project management tool designed with the community’s frustrations in mind.


Goleko is the new kid in town ready to change the project management ecosphere. It is a community-inspired alternative for the community by Martin Baun, a software developer who loves developing excellent software. Goleko offers you everything you find in Trello but exponentially improved. It has features the community has been asking for and didn’t know they needed. Goleko is ready to transform what we know of project management tools and change the landscape for the better. Here is how the two compare.

Goleko vs Trello


Both tools have a simple design and layout. The user interface (UI) is easy to use and navigate. They are designed with good color schemes and navigation layouts, making finding things quick and easy.

Simplicity is vital to good project management tools. Goleko and Trello have this aspect well included.


Speed is an aspect that’s needed in all project management tools. Page loading times can be overlooked but are very important for improving user experience(UX) and efficiency. Trello takes so much time to load up. This has been the case since the Atlassian takeover. Goleko takes almost no time to load up. There are staggering differences in loading speeds between these two products. This enhances the usability and efficiency of Goleko.

Goleko makes it easy to stay engaged in work. These speeds save time and improve your overall user experience(UX).


Trello is notorious for losing connection and rendering work you’ve done null. Since the Atlassian takeover, users have complained for so long without any resolution. Connection losses have resulted in the loss of work progress for many users.

Goleko has countered this problem with its optimistic lock feature. This prevents loss and overriding. Goleko is stable and doesn’t experience random network interruptions. This feature is an additional safety measure. It works in case you experience these technical difficulties on your side.

Goleko values your time, and this feature protects you from losing time and work progress.

Time Registration

Time registration isn’t a feature of many project management tools. This has been a massive oversight for many years. Goleko has an integrated time registration feature. This gives you the ability to create detailed invoices on the time-task done. It also allows for proper registration of time in company logs.

The time app displays everything that everyone in the company works on in each project. The app also shows how much money you’re earning and spending on particular projects. This feature is excellent for consultancy work or specific hires. It simplifies time tracking used in a project, money spent, and potential earnings. This is a unique feature of Goleko that adds a new dynamic to work, especially in the case of remote work, making it better than Trello.


Goleko lacks an integration feature but has an import feature. This import feature allows you to import all your work, tasks, and projects from another tool to Goleko. You can then comprehensively work on and complete all tasks within Goleko.

Trello has an integration feature but lacks an import feature that seamlessly transfers the projects and tasks.


Goleko has a multi-project overview. This is made possible via its Smart Board and Activities apps, which allow you to see all tasks or activities from every project in one place. This feature improves the user experience (UX) and user efficiency. Finding tasks and seeing everything done on a project is fast and easy. This allows for easy tracking of the progress of tasks being done.

Trello lacks a multi-project overview system. This means you cannot view all projects simultaneously. You’ll have to view each project separately and thus spend a lot of time tracking the progress of different aspects of the project. This reduces efficiency, hence making it hard to navigate.

Screen recording as comments?

Goleko has a screencast feature, allowing video recording. You can record videos within the project management tool and give feedback in video format that makes it easy to follow. You can also use the video feature to record progress on a task, giving video feedback to everyone involved.

Trello lacks this unique feature. This feature is unique to Goleko and improves the user experience of the community, making their work simple and more efficient. This screencast Recording feature is a novel feature that proves Goleko is for the community and by the community.


Goleko is new, fast, and efficient. It is built to serve the community and transform what was thought possible for project management tools. Trello had been the standard for project management tools but fell off. Other project management tools sprung up but were severely deficient.

Goleko has taken the concepts Trello unearthed, improved them, and innovated new ones. Visit Goleko today and start managing all your projects simply and easily.