Hiring Great Software Developers from lesser-known areas

May 13, 2024 •


Experience has taught me that good developers are not exclusive to some countries. I’ve hired some excellent developers from countries outside the “first-world” description. I advocate for expanding your search radius, and this is why and how.

Why should you look for developers in these countries?

Reasons to hire devs from these countries include:

  • The rates are affordable
  • The devs are very talented
  • The devs have a high work ethic
  • The devs from these regions are trustworthy
  • Very loyal when trained and given growth opportunities

Getting Started

We all start somewhere. I lead a small business that specializes in software development. It was not feasible for me to do all the development, so I hired some developers to join my team. My plans and aspirations necessitated the addition of 5 developers to my cause. 

They are a welcome addition, and we have collaborated on some exciting projects. It has also been an educative journey that taught me much about managing remote teams. Learn about my experience by reading the article below. 

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My Hiring Experience

I’ve found it easier to hire quality junior devs. They are eager to learn, hard-working, diligent, and have affordable salary expectations. I also appreciate their loyalty, especially when allowed to learn, grow, and develop their skills.  

My working experience with them has been great, and some of them have grown from the junior devs I hired to become the integral devs in my team today. I’ve had to fire some of my previous due to other circumstances, but that is a unique story. 

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Where to hire devs

I’ve had a positive return hiring devs from Eastern Europe. Countries such as Ukraine, Bulgaria, Kosovo, and Albania stand out. I’ve also had a good experience hiring from Poland, though the rates for hiring devs have increased due to Poland’s entry into the European Union. 

I've recently expanded my search radius to South America, Asia, and Africa. Countries like Brazil, India, Colombia, and Kenya are gaining recognition for having good devs for hire. They are hard-working, affordable, and eager to learn. Some of these countries come with unique challenges like hiring someone who does not speak English or works differently as expected. You might need to hire an interpreter or an intermediary to make things work, or learn the language yourself. A difference in time zones is something to take into consideration. These are factors to consider but are not dissuading factors. Expand your search radius to these regions, and you can find devs for your team. 

Team Requirements

Your needs will often determine how many devs you hire. I have a small team by design. I have 5 devs on my team, and we work efficiently together. It is an advantageous arrangement. I do not need a physical office in any country to run our operations. I only needed developers who could work well and execute our objectives. 

We have worked on various projects together in this manner and achieved some great results, particularly with Goleko and VideoFeedbackr. Goleko is our project management tool to help you manage your projects better. VideoFeedbackr is our screen-recording software to help you record your screen hassle-free

We are proud of these achievements, and it is a testament to what a small team can achieve with a proper mindset. 


This is an overlooked aspect of hiring devs from these countries. I’ve noticed a stark difference in the taxes you pay by hiring a developer from the “first-world” countries and the regions I am advocating for. The difference can be as big as 45%. This means you would have to pay more for a developer in the first world than you would for another elsewhere. 

Let us assume you hire a Ukrainian. They’ll pay around 5.5% in taxes, and you 0%. If you hired a dev in Spain, they’d usually pay around 50%. 45% more goes to that person. Conversely, hiring a dev in Germany requires a lot of social contributions payments. The German tax authorities might even go after you if you don’t set up an entity in Germany. It can be very costly and annoying to deal with the paperwork of these legacy countries.

You don’t experience these bureaucratic issues in the countries I’m advocating for, and that is a plus in my book. 


Everyone deserves fair pay for work done. It’s no secret that you can pay less for devs in these regions than you would for devs in the “first-world” countries. Taking advantage of this and stiffing them isn’t a good idea. 

I prefer a pragmatic and democratic approach. I discuss a fair rate with all my devs. It’s a middle ground for us that ensures everyone walks away happy. It also ensures that everyone doesn’t feel taken advantage of. Doing this will give you a freelancer for life and people who’ll give their best for you and your venture. Take care of them, and they’ll take care of your venture. 


It’s no secret that we want the best talents to join our teams. I am no different, hence why I conduct extensive searches for them. You can get excellent people to join your team from all over the world. Talent isn’t exclusive to specific countries. 

Take time to search these areas. I’m certain you’ll find people to help fit your bill. Getting testers for your software may be a challenge. I have you covered on this front. You can get quality testers for the duration you need. Visit TestingHelper.com to get your dedicated tester on board. You Build, We Test


Which regions should I prioritize when searching for developers?

Good developers are found everywhere. Focus on what your needs are. Eastern European, Asian, South American, and African countries are continually becoming good places to look. This doesn't exclude the better-known countries. Ultimately, your needs and finances will be the determining factor. 

What are the benefits of hiring devs from these regions?

There are numerous benefits you get from hiring devs from these regions. The devs are eager to learn, hard-working, loyal, and affordable. These factors make it easier to establish your company or organization. 

How does hiring devs from Eastern Europe compare to elsewhere?

It's more a question of if it's better. Devs from these areas are consummate professionals, diligent, and affordable. They offer more value for money. Devs from the "first-world" countries are just as talented. They are more costly, giving you a smaller margin to work with. Your needs should determine who you go for. 

How can I build my team with my new devs?

Getting developers on board is the first step. The next step is creating a good and dynamic work structure that promotes productivity and efficiency. Combine this with proper teamwork, and you'll attain a good working relationship, promoting your goals. This is a simplified way of achieving this. 

What variables will I need to handle when I hire my devs?

Language barriers, time zone differences, and renumeration. Devs are highly professional. Output will rarely be an issue.