How QA helps us get more done

October 11, 2023 •

I don’t have many “what-if” moments in my life, but thinking of how long it took me to discover the advantages of using QA is one of them.

QA has made it possible for me to lead successful software development projects. It has certainly saved my sanity on numerous occasions. I achieved great things in my career by incorporating QA into the development cycle.

This has shortened the development time, improved the quality of the software I create, and earned me a lot of money and roles in groundbreaking projects. Let me share with you how QA helped me get more done.

1. Reduced Higher Management Involvement

The CEO of a small organization and the team lead are responsible for the failures of the employees working for them. I have extensive experience as a team lead, and this role has a lot of responsibilities. QA frees time for me to handle critical tasks that need my attention.

QA instilled confidence in myself and my team. I did not have to worry about the functionality of our projects as I was confident that they all worked. All I needed to do was handle my tasks to guarantee the success of our projects.

We completed a lot of projects this way, which has propelled our growth exponentially.

2. Cost Efficient

QA saves us and our company a lot of money and resources. I have worked on numerous projects almost back-to-back by incorporating QA. Developers aren’t efficient at spotting their errors. QA requires a different mental framework, which QA personnel have. We use these testers to spot and help resolve these errors, thus improving the quality of our product.

This has raised our company profile, landing our company more clients and stakeholders. The efficiency that QA has provided us has been essential to helping us grow and improve. This has even led to us improving the terms of our team members, thus improving morale and motivation.

3. External Feedback

We get external feedback about our UI/UX by conducting great QA. We have incorporated creative solutions to the feedback we’ve received. This has allowed us to create simple solutions, avoiding complicated solutions that result in bugs and complicated code.

Using QA in this manner has allowed us the time and freedom to improve all our products and enhance the customer experience, increasing the number of loyal and satisfied customers.


We have made it our mission to help business owners test their software. We have built TestingHelper.Com for this very reason. Small and medium businesses need a tester for an hour, and thus, it isn’t practical for them to hire a tester.

We facilitate the onboarding of a QA and technical manager to your project. We do this fast and efficiently, eliminating the need for headhunting, recruiting, or training. We manage the QA for you and let you enjoy the benefits of the outcome.