Static Viking

January 05, 2024 •

The well-known template-generating engines are problematic to use and downright annoying. They force you to learn configuration systems rather than letting you edit templates. This is the motivation behind Static Viking.

What is Static Viking

A beautiful static website made for your markdown files and simple templates. It only takes a minute to start and I have a video tutorial to help you below.

Static Viking is a simple engine that translates your markdown files into templates. You don’t need to learn any configurations to use it. Simply key in your markdown files, generate your template, and edit it.

Static Viking prioritizes your time and gives you efficiency.

Static Viking supports blogs, wikis, and more.

Screenshot 2024-03-11 204906

Static Viking is Search Engine Optimized. It is optimized from the onset to give you an advantage. It works well for X (formerly Twitter), Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Slack. Static Viking’s purpose is to make everything easier for you in every way. Screenshot 2024-03-11 204844

They're great products if you have time to learn how to configure them. They are tailored for non-developers. Static Viking takes a different approach by having no configuration and having templates you can easily edit. Editing some templates is easier than learning to set up complicated configurations as a developer.


Static Viking is extremely simple. It takes your markdown files and combines them with your templates of choice. Customize the templates to your liking, a fixture for technical people.

Here's how

mkdir cool_blog
cd cool_blog
pip3 install staticviking2

Create all necessary files

staticviking new
staticviking buildserve

What are apps?

Static Viking is extremely simple and should remain that. Like the Nix tools, we can combine Static Viking with other tools and pipe them together.

This feature is for those who host content at Contentful. Simply run to download all your content in Static Viking-compatible form, then run it at compile time.

python3 url content/blog

This downloads your blog posts and puts them into content/blog for Static Viking.

Pull Request?

Pull requests are greatly appreciated, but please know that I like things kept simple. Static Viking is only approximately 350 lines long plus templates, and the beauty of it is to keep it small. Apps are more appropriate to make than to change to Static Viking.