The Human Touch: Why I Hired a Writer Over ChatGPT in 2023

April 11, 2024 •

AI technology is the craze in 2023 and with good reasons. They offer convenience at an unimaginable scale. The popularity of AI platforms like ChatGPT is warranted, yet it does not evoke emotion. Technology keeps evolving but fails to replicate human tendencies, style, and adaptability.

Let me share my in-depth reasoning as to why I hired Billy to create our content;

1. Saturation of AI Content

ChatGPT is as convenient as Google was when it first launched. What sets ChatGPT aside is its ability to source content from the internet and generate written content. This convenience has shot up its popularity ten-fold. Many people worldwide know this and have resorted to relying on ChatGPT to do their writing.

This has saturated the entire market with AI-generated content that’s stale, subpar, and lacking emotion. Writers have become lazy, often relying on auto-generated content. AI can be used to bolster your productivity in many aspects, but relying on it results in reduced creativity and the quality of writing. The nuances, feelings, and creativity human writers provide cannot be replaced.

2. Short and Sweet Content

ChatGPT tends to create long and unwounded content. The writing bears no context and contains details that are surplus to requirements. A writer understands the vision and goals you have for your project.

They internalize it and bring it to life through their literary prowess. Combining my experience in business, leading teams, software development, and Billy’s beautiful text will prove to be a game-changer in this market. There’s no substitute for authenticity, creativity, and exceptional content. The cream will always rise to the top. Content that moves you will always have the edge.

3. The Magnificence of Great Content

People enjoy great content. Poor and subpar content is always ignored and often eradicated from the presence of the consumers. I have blocked many people on Twitter who share AI-generated content, trash videos on YouTube, and terrible content on LinkedIn.

I value my time, and I have no desire to waste it reading one awful article after another. I prioritize optimizing my productivity by reading content that I learn the most from. Great content tends to go viral as many people adore and share it. Generic and boring SEO-generated content does not cut it and unfortunately, that’s the entire premise of AI-generated content.


Technological evolution has brought the innovation of ChatGPT and other AI learning platforms. Innovative products are often overhyped and used in weird instances that make zero sense. The next few years will be pivotal in showing us where AI can and cannot help us.

The need for quality human writers will be on the rise once again. There will never be a substitute for excellence. I have decided to get ahead of the curve, and I hope you do the same.