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July 03, 2024 •

Frustrations and a desire for quality push us every day. Making our lives easier has been the driving force behind most inventions and technologies. I enjoy using simple and efficient tools. I desire to simplify screen recording for myself and everyone. 

This is how VideoFeedbackr intends to achieve this.  

VideoFeedbackr: Free Screen Recorder Best Uses

I've had an enjoyable experience using VideoFeedbackr. Bias aside, solving the issues that infuriated me with the other screen recording software makes me want to use it often. In doing so, I've noticed some great uses for VideoFeedbackr. Just as the name hints, I've mainly used it to give feedback to my employees. I've given feedback on developer tasks like coding and software testing. I've used it on the content we make in our team. Providing feedback in this manner eliminates misunderstandings and vastly improves understanding. 

We've used VideoFeedbackr a lot to give feedback to each other in the team. We've already planned to expand on this feedback mechanism outside our team. VideoFeedbackr is simple, fast, and efficient enough to revamp University and Higher Education learning. Most lectures are conducted online. We can take this further by enhancing the grading and assessment structure. Professors and instructors can save a lot of time by giving the students assessments and directives via video feedback. The students will then have a video file with a detailed explanation of how to improve. Attention spans are getting smaller with time but people still find videos interesting. I've gone into more detail about this in the article below. 

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We have started using VideoFeedbackr to improve our customer experience. We're doing this by implementing it in customer support. I know how frustrating it can be to type a detailed explanation of the issue plaguing you only for customer support to give a poor or completely unrelated response. We don't have a call center yet, but we have VideoFeedbackr. Our customers can now record their screens and show us what's ruining their experience. We also use VideoFeedbackr to replicate the error, formulate the fix, and test it. We record this process for documentation. We then make a recording for our customer with the solution to their problem. It's taking the best attributes of call support and improving on it.

Screen recording is great but has its weaknesses. Let's discuss weaknesses  I've noticed with screen recording. 

Where Screen Recording Fails

Nothing is perfect. VideoFeedbackr is excellent in its role but awful at others. I've made notes on giving criticism and performance reviews. You can use it here, but its effect can vastly exaggerate or diminish what you're going for. Since it's a screen recording software, the person on the receiving end cannot decipher your mannerisms, body language, and more. They can only receive criticism in a tone they're either grateful or terrified by. 

I've tried using VideoFeedbackr to give performance reviews. It was a total waste of time. I've found synchronous meetings to work better for this. You get to see each other, have a read on body language, and have a better interaction. The person getting criticized also deserves to offer their point of view. This is a delicate operation and VideoFeedbackr has some holes in its service provision that make it unsuited for this. Video feedback can do other things like improve your team's productivity. You can learn more about these dynamics from the article below.

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VideoFeedbackr: Practical uses

VideoFeedbackr has numerous practical uses. These are some examples of how we've used it. You can find more ways to use it. The possibilities are only limited by our imagination and intentions. 

Code Reviews and Testing

We use VideoFeedbackr to enhance our developer output. We've been using it to review code and check on testing. My developers record the codes they've made and send the video to our developer channel on Telegram. Everyone there can watch the video and give suggestions on where to improve, remark on the quality, or approve the code as is. This eliminates the delay we once had with reviews. 

We do the same for testing. We pride ourselves on our rigorous testing process. Review and feedback is a vital step in maintaining the quality of our testing. This has been one of the best uses for VideoFeedbackr. Our software has provided great service to our software team. Is this self-serving software? Or SaaS to itself? Anyways onto the next uses. 

Content Creation

I am also part of the content team's Telegram group. I share videos of pre-released content to get answers on things I don't get or to give feedback and suggestions about things that can be changed, added, or removed. We've shifted this feedback to Goleko and kept the Telegram group for brainstorming. We have improved our content quality and work efficiency by implementing this type of feedback. You can use Goleko to do this in your remote team. It's an excellent project management tool to help you manage projects better. Elevate Productivity, Team Morale, and project overviews. 

We've started pitching ideas using it. We share videos of an idea and the potential benefits we can get by pursuing it. We get to watch the videos, understand the thought process, and give appropriate feedback. Our content team is working harmoniously to achieve our goals and intent, and VideoFeedbackr is a vital component of this. 

SOP Alternatives

This is a recent administrative revamp in my team. Goleko has a project called How We Do Stuff. I invite my new employees to it. It contains all the operational procedures we follow on the team. I then clone the Onboarding project for my employee where I handle all the administrative aspects like contracts and personal details. It was previously hectic for all employees to understand everything captured in the How We Do Stuff project. The SOPs were all in written text. I noticed a stark difference in interpretation from one employee to the other. 

We have since used VideoFeedbackr to record videos explaining the SOPs. We have placed a video under each SOP that further explains the innuendo in the text. Every new employee can watch the corresponding video after reading the text to improve their understanding. You don't need to read the text. These videos have become good supplements and in some instances, replacements for our traditional SOPs. 

I've written an article that details every aspect of our onboarding process. It contains what works for us that might have solutions to remote work onboarding hitches. 

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Meeting Enhancements

VideoFeedbackr has been excellent at supporting our daily morning meetings. We get to discuss vital aspects in the progress meetings and use VideoFeedbackr to handle the tasks and projects as expected. This allows us to keep our meetings short, concise, and targeted toward specific goals. VideoFeedbackr then handles the rest of the task and project-specific tasks and responsibilities. 

It works well in this support role and we're seeing the benefits in our results. 

VideoFeedbackr Tutorial

This tutorial guides you on how to help you record screens for all these and more uses.

Accessing VideoFeedbackr

VideoFeedbackr can be accessed from your web browser. It works well on Windows, MacBook, and Linux. Open your browser. Type in VideoFeedbackr. It will take you to the landing page. Press the record button to record your screen. 


Record your Screen

VideoFeedbackr will allow you to choose the specific screen or window you wish to record.


Stop recording the video. Upload it to the server. The recording will then be uploaded to our servers after you stop recording. Choose the duration you want the video to be saved.

no recording


The unique shareable links allow you to select a couple of options. You can download the video and use the link to share it with anyone you want. The person who receives the link can watch the video by following the link. 


The unique link can be copied as shown above and is automatically copied to your clipboard. 


Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to host videos on our servers. We review reported videos and reserve the right to remove them from our servers. We also give you the option to delete them yourself. You'll receive a notification of this issue.


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